Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center

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About Us

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center (HHDC) serves as Oklahoma’s focal point for fighting the diabetes epidemic. Research, patient care, education and prevention are all required to address diabetes in a comprehensive manner. The Center was established by the University of Oklahoma in the College of Medicine with the goal of promoting the well-being of all people with or at high risk for diabetes in Oklahoma regardless of ethnic background or financial status.


To help Oklahomans combat the epidemic of diabetes


To be a world leader in eradicating diabetes through innovative research focused on progress toward a cure, dramatically improved patient care, and strategies aimed at the prevention of diabetes.


  • Develop basic and clinical reseach programs with emphasis on translating advances in basic research to clinical practice
  • Provide the highest standards of diabetes care; empower community programs; provide community level support where needed
  • Become the education resource of choice regarding diabetes for public, professional and policy development needs
  • Promote access to preventative health care for all citizens of Oklahoma who are at risk of diabetes or its complications
  • Develop infrastructure to coordinate funding, planning and services to support the mission of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

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