Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center

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Clinical Trials Manager Appointed to National Board

OKLAHOMA CITY – Harold Hamm Diabetes Center clinical trials manager, Lacey Bixler, MS, RD/LD, CDE, has been named one of ten study coordinators in the country to sit on an advisory panel for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. The panel reviews protocols and advises Novo Nordisk on measures to improve their clinical trial procedures.

“I’ve always been interested in helping people with diabetes,” said Bixler. “Clinical trials offer a unique opportunity for patients to receive medical care not readily available to the public. Being able to advise how a major pharmaceutical company to better implement its clinical trials will have a lasting impact on how patients are treated around the country,” said Bixler.

Industry-sponsored clinical trials are designed to introduce FDA approved medical treatments to patients in order to study the effectiveness of the treatment. In most cases, these trials provide access to advanced treatment options and allow patients the opportunity to receive free or reduced cost healthcare.

“Clinical trials give more options to people living with diabetes and combines medical research with patient care to advance our understanding of the disease, the way we treat it, and the way we prevent it.” Said Bixler.

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is one of the largest Novo Nordisk test sites in the country, and Bixler’s involvement in clinical trials is one of the reasons for the growth and success of the clinical trials program. Bixler will sit on the panel for one year prior to reappointment.

People interested in learning more about participating in clinical trials can enroll in the registry online.