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Exercise Education

Michelle Phillips is an exercise physiologist with Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

Michelle Phillips, MS, RCEP, CDE, is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine to treat patients with diabetes and/or a range of other conditions. She has a master’s degree in clinical exercise physiology from Northeastern University (Boston, MA).

This program is offered in our Diabetes Life Clinic in Oklahoma City (location details)

Exercise is medicine.

It’s true for everyone but fundamental to living with diabetes. Among other benefits, physical activity has been shown to lower your blood glucose and improve your body’s ability to use insulin (National Institutes of Health).

We believe your “prescription” for physical activity should be as unique as you are. One-on-one support from our certified exercise physiologist will customize your course and set goals you can reach, beginning with the smallest steps.

Exercise is proven to be effective in preventing, managing and treating a whole range of diseases and ailments. We will work together to make your individualized program a team effort.

Your initial visit: What to expect

1) We’ll help find solutions to any barriers that have prevented you from exercising. We’ll determine your target heart rate—the most important aspect of an exercise program for people with heart disease risk factors.

2) You’ll learn essential skills for safety during exercise with special attention toward diabetes-related needs like foot care, preventing hypoglycemia and safe exercises for neuropathy and chronic joint pain.

3) By session’s end, you’ll have a safe, effective, and progressive plan for better diabetes management integrating aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises into your lifestyle at the gym, home or workplace.

Initial appointments are one hour in length. We recommend one or more 30-minute follow-up visits to discuss and modify your plan as needed.

Ask your doctor for a referral.

This documentation is required. With it, your primary care physician authorizes your participation in an exercise program and outlines any special needs or requests. S/he may also attach results of a recent (up to two years) stress test. For people with heart problems or unexplained symptoms during exercise, we recommend such testing before participation in an exercise program.

The referral form is available online here or by request. Once we receive the completed referral, we’ll work with you to schedule an appointment.

Exercise Classes: Wednesdays at 9:30

To complement your individual exercise consultations and meet personal goals, consider joining our classes. Learn strength and balance exercises to help reduce joint pain, improve bone health, relieve stress, control your blood sugar, and more. Movements are low intensity and designed for beginners. For adults with or without type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Classes are one hour in duration and held in our Diabetes Life Clinic (location details).

To make an appointment, contact a provider or refer a patient, call (405) 271-3455.
Fax our clinic at (405) 271-7014
For medical records, call (405) 271-9194 or fax (405) 271-9195
HHDC general information: (405) 271-7000

Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise Research Study

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is looking for volunteers to participate in a research study where you will be exercising for three days a week for 12 weeks.

You might be eligible for this study if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • Are between the age of 18-64
  • Have an HbA1c, a test that measures the average amount of sugar in your blood, between 7-12%
  • Are not performing regular exercise for the last three months

To learn more about this study, please call (405) 271-3455 or email michelle-v-phillips@ouhsc.edu

The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.

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