Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center

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Living with type 2 diabetes is difficult enough. Getting by with little or no medical coverage creates challenges beyond what most people can understand.

Type 2 Options is a free, two-hour seminar designed for your needs as an uninsured or underinsured adult. Led by Harold Hamm’s certified diabetes educators and specialists, T2Options offers valuable guidance on topics such as:

  • Maintaining safe blood sugar levels
  • Making healthy food choices at the store, at home, and on the go
  • Integrating diabetes-safe exercise into your daily routine
  • Preventing diabetes-related complications, especially in your feet and legs
  • Coping with the stress and emotional challenges of diabetes
  • Gaining access to free and low-cost supplies and medications
  • Understanding diabetes care offerings at public clinics
  • Participating in clinical trials as a source for diabetes medical care

2015 SCHEDULE of SESSIONS (all are 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.):
Thursday, JANUARY 15
Thursday, APRIL 9
Thursday, JULY 23
Thursday, NOVEMBER 12

All sessions held in our Diabetes Life Clinic (location details). RSVP by calling (405) 271-3455.

This opportunity is offered at no cost to participants, courtesy of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.