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DiabetesFIT = Diabetes-Free Intervention Techniques, a program for your workplace

About the Program

The Diabetes-Free Intervention Techniques program certifies organizations that have created healthy work environments to improve the quality of life for its employees through diabetes awareness and education. DiabetesFIT also offers guidance and support for those organizations looking to establish programs and events that make health a priority.

Benefits of the Program

According to the American Diabetes Association, an organization of 1,000 employees spends $2.7 million in annual healthcare expenses for an average of 350 employees affected by diabetes or prediabetes.  If 50% of the employees who have prediabetes develop diabetes, the increased costs would total over $3.6 million. Preventing diabetes not only improves the quality of life for employees, it also increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and reduces annual healthcare expenditures.

How to Participate

To become DiabetesFIT certified, contact us (see below) and a Harold Hamm Diabetes Center healthcare professional will contact you to evaluate your work environment and help you establish practices that encourage healthy lifestyles.

Factors considered in DiabetesFIT certification include:

  • Provide annual diabetes screenings for employees
  • Provide compensation or reward systems for participation in health programs (e.g. HHDC Small Steps, Big Changes program, walking clubs, weight loss programs, etc.)
  • Provide onsite exercise programs or fitness equipment as part of employment
  • Provide short blocks of time during the workday for fitness (e.g. 10-15 mins to walk a lap around the building, jog or stretch.)
  • Provide opportunities or breaks for employees with diabetes to check their blood sugar or take their medication as prescribed
  • Invite guest speakers to talk to employees about fitness and/or health issues and relation to diabetes
  • Promote movement in the workplace (i.e. use of stairs, walking or other forms of physical activity during employee breaks)
  • Provide healthy snacks in vending and/or encourage healthy snacks in break room, while discouraging “junk” food
  • Provide a space that encourages healthy eating (i.e. A refrigerator for employees to store healthy lunches, a sink for washing fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.)

If you have questions about the program or need more information, call (405) 271-2824.

Additional Resources for Improving Workplace Health

Wellness Councils of America – ‘Step by Step’ Campaign

CDC –  Step Program: Helping Work Sites Improve Employee Health  

American Diabetes Association – Stop Diabetes @ Work