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Small Steps, Big Changes

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About the Program

Lifestyle changes rarely develop in the span of a single day. Yet, many of the small decisions a person makes throughout the day create habits that impact an entire lifetime.

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The Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Small Steps, Big Changes program empowers individuals to make smart choices that develop healthy lifestyles and have been shown to prevent diabetes later in life. Over the course of 16 weeks plus follow-up visits, healthcare professionals teach you how to incorporate healthy decisions into your life through a series of intensive group sessions and individualized assessments.

Benefits of the Program

During this program, healthcare professionals work with you to:

  • Reduce Weight – Participants in this program curriculum have reduced their body weight by 7% by learning proper nutrition and effective tips for exercise.
  • Change Lifestyle Behaviors – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires developing habits that persist over time. HHDC healthcare professionals help participants develop healthy habits through sessions that teach them how to properly read food labels and understand the impact of food and exercise choices.
  • Decrease Risk – The Small Steps, Big Changes curriculum is developed from several diabetes prevention programs proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 60%.

Program participants achieve these goals by learning several strategies for success including how to count calories and portion healthy meals even while dining out, plan for daily physical activity, and manage stress to stay motivated to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How to Participate

Enrollment is open to everyone. Individuals interested in joining should contact us to schedule an initial consultation with a Harold Hamm Diabetes Center healthcare professional.

The program consists of 16 weekly sessions with regular follow-ups throughout the year to evaluate your progress and keep you on target with your goals. Participants can chose morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Cost to enroll in the program is $399. Financial assistance and payment programs are available to those who qualify.

Sessions held in Oklahoma City at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, 2nd Floor, Suite 2900 Location Details

Call us today to schedule an initial consultation: (405) 271-5642

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