Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center

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Speakers Bureau

Diabetes Educator Christy Olson

Harold Hamm Diabetes Educator Christy Olson addresses a group in 2013.

Engage your audience at your next corporate or community event by inviting healthcare professionals from Harold Hamm to speak about diabetes or diabetes-related topics. Choose a topic to be addressed at your event or contact the center to discuss your needs with a coordinator who will work with you to tailor a program specific to your group needs.

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center speakers are leaders in the fields of diabetes research, patient care, and prevention. Topics addressed include:

Type 1 or Type 2: What’s the difference?
Want a careful explanation of the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes or a layman’s explanation of the causes, symptoms, or complications of diabetes? Invite a Harold Hamm Diabetes Center speaker to explain what diabetes is and what it means to your audience.

Helpful Tips for Healthy Workplaces
Creating a culture of health for any organization or business is an important yet daunting task. Harold Hamm healthcare professionals offer unique insight into simple techniques any organization can implement that will reduce absenteeism and increase productivity while also promoting workplace wellness.

Diabetes and You: Learning how to advocate for a cause
Diabetes affects everyone, and it requires the cumulative efforts of an entire community to help raise awareness and stop its devastating impact. Learn how you can get involved in making a lasting change for the health of millions of people around the world by inviting Harold Hamm Diabetes Center representatives to speak about diabetes awareness.

Healthy Lifestyles: Preventing and treating type 2 diabetes.
Developing a healthy lifestyle is not only the best measure for preventing diabetes, it is also one of the best ways to treat diabetes. Hear Harold Hamm Diabetes Center healthcare professionals discuss standards of care for type 2 diabetes that include creating a healthy lifestyle through blood glucose control, healthy eating, and exercise.

The State of Diabetes in Oklahoma
Over sixty percent of the Oklahoma population has a body mass index considered either obese or overweight, which puts them at increased risk for developing diabetes. Learn how to stop diabetes before it begins through healthy lifestyles that incorporate more physical activity, better eating habits, and the most recent research on diabetes prevention.

Get Moving: Exercise and diabetes
Harold Hamm exercise education and research programs provide safe and effective ways to introduce exercise in your daily routine. Listen to healthcare professionals discuss how to exercise on a budget, find 15 minutes a day to exercise, or develop an appropriate diet for a more active lifestyle.

Developing a Taste for Healthy Eating: Nutrition and diabetes
Good glucose control is the result of careful meal planning and healthy eating. Center healthcare professionals can speak to current recommendations for healthy eating and provide tips for planning a well-balanced meal and strategies for shopping at the grocery store to prevent impulse shopping that can derail any diet.

Type 2 Diabetes: A growing problem
The age of diagnosis for children with type 2 diabetes is becoming younger and younger. Hear how Harold Hamm healthcare professionals are educating pediatricians on the dangers of the diabetes epidemic and what they are doing to curb the alarming rate of children developing type 2 diabetes at an early age.

Making Medical History
From the laboratory to the clinic and beyond, researchers at Harold Hamm are advancing our understanding of diabetes and diabetes-related complications. Invite a researcher to discuss current groundbreaking studies that involve the latest discoveries in diabetes research, patient care, and prevention.

Mind and Body: Controlling diabetes through behavioral health techniques
Knowing what to do is often easier than knowing how to do it. Harold Hamm behavioral health specialists provide insight into the psychology of diabetes care and prevention. Get motivated to make a change and stick with those changes by listening to these speakers.

Stepping Up to Curb Diabetes
Foot health and wound care are essential to good diabetes management and overall health. Many diabetes-related complications are preventable by the condition of your feet. Learn why and how by inviting a center podiatrist to speak at your next event.

To request a speaker, contact us by email or call (405) 271-2824.