Brand Central

BRAND CENTRAL provides direction that ensures consistent representation of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center and its programs.


The center's logo is a valuable asset that must be used consistently and properly:

  • Provide space around the logo free of type, graphics, or other distracting elements.
  • Reproduce the logo in only the approved colors: blue and gray, blue only, black, or white reversed out of a dark color.
  • Logo's width must be no smaller than 1.5".
  • Never create your own logo or attempt to replicate the official logo.
  • Never distort the logo or alter proportions between elements or words in the logo. To resize an image in MS Office applications, hold down the Shift key, grab the image frame at one corner, and adjust it to fit the space available.
  • Never use HHDC's old "colored ball" logo, the interlocking "OU" or University Seal. Where appropriate, HHDC Marketing can obtain approval of the use of OU marks from University administration.
  • Do not place the logo where a staple, hole-punch, or binding may interfere with it.
  • Do not rotate the logo on its side or at an angle; do not add effects like shadows.
  • Never reverse the logo out to a color other than white, cream, or gray. When using colored paper, a standard black logo provides the best results.

All logo files below use a transparent background.

PNG logo files for digital, PPT, and web applications

PDF logo files for high-resolution printed applications

Color Specifications

The center's color palette is based on the colors of our logo, which we call Brand Blue and Gray. These colors were carefully selected to complement OU's iconic crimson and cream.

Brand Blue: PMS 295U, 2140C, or 653C | C100, M57, Y0, K40 | R0, G70, B126 | #00467e
Gray: PMS Cool Gray 11U or Cool Gray 8C | C5, M3, Y0, K60 | R123, G124, B126 | #7b7c7e


HHDC's headings typeface is Metronic Pro, the all-caps font used in the HHDC logo. It should be used for short, main headings in HHDC publications where all-caps is appropriate. It can also be used sparingly for fine print in upper/lowercase. Avoid using the heavy Black weight, and avoid long headings running onto more than one line of type.

HHDC's primary sans-serif typeface is Gotham. It may be used for headings, headlines, subheads, body text, form fields, and fine print. Avoid using Gotham in all-caps.

HHDC's primary serif typeface is Bembo Std. An acceptable alternative is Adobe Garamond Pro. Use one of these for extended body copy in longer documents. Avoid the Semibold and ExtraBold weights, and avoid sizes smaller than 9pt.

Font files for the above are available on HHDC's shared drive in the General folder or by request from HHDC Marketing.

Editorial Voice

  • Our name is Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, not the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center. Avoid using the article "the" with our name, unless you're using the name as an adjective (e.g. "the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center program is now enrolling participants").
  • Upon first reference to the institution, use "Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at the University of Oklahoma."
  • In subsequent references, use “Harold Hamm Diabetes Center,” "HHDC," “the center,” or “the diabetes center." “Harold Hamm” is an acceptable abbreviation when referring to HHDC as a destination, such as, “Appointments are available at Harold Hamm.” However, avoid references that might confuse our institution with Mr. Hamm the individual, like, “Harold Hamm offers a range of care options.”
  • Avoid abbreviations or incorrect styles often used but not preferred or endorsed by Harold Hamm Diabetes Center including: HHDC-OU, HHDC@OU, Hamm, the Hamm.

Contact and Branding Support

For all branding-related questions, email Andrew Behrens or call (405) 271-2824.