You ate it. Now what?

Snaccidents happen.

Did you splurge on a treat today? Was it amazing?! Here are some handy after-splurge tips to show your body a little love.

The best advice is to walk.

Every 30 minutes you spend walking burns about 100 calories. Walking just after a meal helps control your blood sugar level. | More on how walking helps prevent type 2 diabetes

Drink water.

Thirsty? Opt for classic H2O or an unsweetened tea, instead of a soda, cocktail, or juice. | More on why your beverage choice makes such a difference

Portion size matters.

Divide the big thing into smaller pieces, and it'll go farther. Share your splurge with a loved one, or keep some of it back to enjoy later. | How to avoid portion-size pitfalls

Know your risk for diabetes.

It really is "all about love." You love the holiday company and the food, so make sure you'll get to enjoy them for many more years to come. Knowledge is power! Take our online risk test now, and see your doctor regularly. Do it for the people who love you! | Take the risk test at

Click here for more tips on preventing type 2 diabetes, in spite of the occasional snaccident!

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