Office Policies

New Patient Appointments

  • Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time to complete registration to our clinic.
  • A parent or certified legal guardian must accompany the patient with the appropriate paperwork, including insurance card, driver’s license, social security numbers for the patient and guarantor, etc.  Any legal guardian that is not a parent must bring to the office visit paperwork showing that he or she is the legal guardian.
  • The clinic’s HIPPA form is to be signed annually to verbally release any information to family if patient is over the age of 18.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Call 918-619-4803 to schedule or reschedule appointments.  Allow 24 hours advance notice.  The latest appointment for any injection is 4pm.
  • Missed appointments or cancellations on the same day of the appointment causes disruption in health care management and potential poor control of the disease process and health outcomes.  This may result in termination of care from this clinic.    
  • Call the office if it appears you will be late at 918-619-4803.  We will make every effort to see you in a reasonable time.  We will first see other patients who arrived on time.  You will need to wait to be seen until there is a gap in a healthcare providers schedule or until the end of the day.  Arrivals after 4:30pm will be rescheduled for another day.

Collections and Payment Policy

  • At your office visit, the clinic collects any co-pay, deductible, co-insurance or any other fees not covered by your insurance for the day’s services.  If you are unable to make payment at the time of your visit, you will be required to call Central Billing (918-660-3650) to arrange a payment plan before your appointment is kept.
  • Any outstanding balances are due immediately and shall be collected at any office visit.  If you are unable to pay at your office visit, you will be required to call Central Billing (918-660-3650) to establish a payment plan before the patient sees the healthcare provider.
  • Failure to keep up with any established payment plans may result in dismissal from this clinic.  If two payments are missed, we cannot schedule any more appointments until payment is made.
  • The adult bringing a minor to the office is to pay for services received at the time of the office visit.  An unaccompanied child needs to bring money with him/her for payment.
  • In the case of divorce, the parent who brings the child in for the office visit will pay the visit’s fees regardless of any divorce decrees.
  • We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards.
  • Checks returned for non-sufficient funds will incur a $25 fee in addition to the original check amount.  Only cash or money order may be accepted to the clear the returned check.  If there are 2 returned checks, no further personal checks will be accepted.
  • If the patient has membership to Indian Health, you need to bring to the visit your purchase order document with you or have IHS fax these documents to us prior to the visit.  If you do not, you will pay for the charges at the time of service.

Minors Attending Appointments without a Parent

  • Parent must be present for appointment if patient is aged 16 years or less.
  • If another family member is accompanying the patient to the office visit, the legal guardian must have already signed the University of Oklahoma HIPPA compliance form prior to that office visit.
  • Please contact our office several days prior to the office visit for legal guardian to complete HIPPA paperwork.  Without paperwork, appointment must be cancelled.

Prescription Refills

  • Appointments must be kept as recommended for prescription refills. 
  • After hour calls for refills will be fined $25 billed direct to your account (not through insurance) with no refills. 
  • If more than 6 months have passed since your last office visit, an appointment must be scheduled and only a 1 month supply of medication will be authorized with the pharmacy.  No refills allowed if you miss this appointment. 
  • Soonercare and Medicare requires office visit every 3 months for prior authorization on many medications or pump supplies.

How to Obtain Refills

  • Call your pharmacy when you need more supplies.  Request they fax a refill request to 918-619-4802. We write prescriptions good for 6 months at a time in most treatment plans.  This allows for refills multiple times.

Transferring Prescriptions

  • Prescriptions will be issued every 6 months if appointments are kept by the policy.
  • If you change pharmacies within the 6 month cycle, you must call the pharmacy where the original prescription was filled and request they transfer your prescription to the new pharmacy.  The clinic cannot transfer any prescriptions for you.

School Orders, IEP or 504 Forms, Accommodation or Travel Letter Requests, FMLA, Camp Forms and Miscellaneous Documents

  • An office visit is required for travel letters, FMLA paperwork, school orders, letters requesting special accommodations at college or school, letters requested for legal purposes, etc.

School Excuses and Report of Absence Related to Diabetes or Endocrine Health Issues

  • Office visit excuses are available though your healthcare provider or front receptionist at the time of the visit.
  • If child or adult is home ill, you must call on day of the illness for this clinic to release to you, work, or school a school or work excuse. Retro-active requests for school excuses in the past will not be provided.
  • If school or work is missed 3 days in 1 week, you must be seen in clinic.

Medication Samples (insulin, growth hormone, meters, pen needles)

  • Medication samples are for new patients or change in prescription only.  Pharmaceutical companies are limiting the amount we receive.  You should speak with the pharmacy if you need to purchase extra meters and supplies.  We also have in clinic a list of resources you may use to receive supplies to manage your medical needs.
  • We are not able to provide medication of any kind to you on on-going schedule.

Insulin Dose Adjustments without an Office Visit

  • We must receive a blood glucose log via fax to change the patient’s dose over the phone without an office visit.
  • We recommend using our standard glucose sugar log forms that record your readings in columns by time of day.  Forms available online: 

Medical Records Request

  • Complete the University of Oklahoma form requesting records or contact Medical Records at 918-619-4491.  The form is available at our front desk or

Scheduling Labwork for Participation in TrialNet Program for Type 1 Diabetes

  • Contact Sharnella Goudeau at 918-619-4304 to set an appointment for the study.